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For three generations our dental practice has cared successfully for the wishes, desires and necessities of our patients combining innovative methods and tradition.We always take the time to perform individual and systematic physical examinations to determine your appropriate and personalized treatment to achieve a long lasting, invisible and painfree rehabilitation.

We offer the follwing services:

Anamnesis/health questionaire

Prophylaxis, Prevention and routine Check-Up:

Conservation of oral and dental health. Also individual programs to improve oral health of infants and children.

Implantology and Oral Surgery:

Dental Implants (artificial new roots and their crowns made of titanium and ceramics), osseous transplantations, gum transplantations and the entire range of general oral surgery.


Treatment of periodontal diseases and gum diseases.

Esthetic Dentistry:

Long lasting and invisible reconstructions and treatments such as teeth whitening, resin fillings, veneers and ceramic inlays and onlays.


Prothetic dental and maxillo-facial rehabilitations as well as intricate situations.

Laser treatments:

The painfree solution in many cases. Use of the versatile laser device for a host of tooth and hard and soft tissue related procedures, often times with no need for local anesthesia.

Our staff regularly attends continuing education seminars to keep up with the latest improvements in prevention, diagnosing and treatment. We are also offering courses in Dental Implants to other dentists and physicians. We keep up-to-date by playing an active role in current scientific research with local and international universities.

Our English speaking DDS is Dr. Sven H.Kurth, diploma in Physical Therapy, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A. (1990), diploma in Dentistry University Charité Berlin (1995), diploma in Laser treatment, diploma of specialization in Implantology and Prothetics.

He is member of:

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